Jinxed 30HR

Normal 3~47

Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Lives In: Harvest Hills, Maine
Husband: Mark Murphy
Children: Meg Murphy

Charlie Murphy

Production Info
Portrayed by: Keegan Connor Tracy

Mrs. Murphy is Meg and Charlie's mother and part of the Murphy family.

Ms. Murphy is portrayed by Keegan Connor Tracy .


Mark Murphy

Mom is married to Mark Murphy . They went on their first date to the Harvest Hills Festival Dance.


Meg Murphy

Mom is Meg's mom and they have a lot of mother-daughter moments. Mom taught Meg the joy of being who you are and that everyone had problems sometimes.

Georgia Murphy

Mom spenda a lot of time with Georgia and is isn't always pleasent. Mom has troubles with Georgia being that she always throw her peaches at her dirtying the house.


To see more photos of Mom please go here.

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